Stentofon Compact / P16 / P32  -  Vingtor Marine VMP16 / VMP32  -  Stentofon SPEEDEX 16 / 32  is a modern intercom system / PA router with outstanding audio quality .

Programming of a VMP32 excange , using a PC.


POWER OFF when plugging / unplugging any board.
If done with power
ON, most IC's will blow on the actual board
Some IC's are hard to find.

mark all SLB boards with a position number.

Note!   Stations without display only.     Example: VMP619 desk / wall indoor station w/handset.

We  have / can make cables to use from the later VMP619 station to the old 4 pole modular wall connector.
Outranged after 1992, the factory production of service boards stopped in dec. 2002.  But this high quality system is still repairable .
For this exchange we have no 66xx boards for sale, but we have parts to repair most of them.

Have regular heath control of the exchange:

Note!   Make shure all fans are operating, inlet air filters are cleaned / replaced, air outlets are open.

Vingtor Marine VA boards ,  line schematics :

VMP Extra function boards and related info:    

PC programming :

connection PC - Intercom exchange

Stations without display only. This exchange don't have any display option, stations with display will not work properly on this exchange.

To avoid unlogic behaviour and blown boards:    All voltages inside the exchange must float measured to electrical GND .  +18 and + 5 are easy to access .  If the exchanges is powered from a common 24VDC supply , a local 8Amp. fully insulated 24VDC to 24VDC converter to feed the exchange, is a smart solution . If a PNC telephone intarface is connected there must  not be any connection between phone line voltage, electrical GND or any voltage inside the exchange . The CPB-2 board sometimes may fail (  blown  ROM circuit 18S030  ) if the there is current leak between the exchange TTL Data I/O port and the PNCI .

AC input:  Transformer 220/24VAC min. 6.3A connected to 24AC terminals inside exchange.

DC input: If 24VDC is used: 24VDC / 24VDC 10A insulated converter is recommended


NOTE !   If the exchange is not properly working pushing the green programming button on top of the CPB-2 board may crash or alter your customer specified programming. This make no sense if you want to repair the exchange, don't even try it.  This button is for reprogramming of the exchange, by an expert only.

The most important notice!

NOTE !  Power OFF when plugging !  

Like replacing boards in a computer ,  to avoid  serious damage on the exchange electronic boards allways turn off  the power before replacing any board in the exchange !!

About soldering tools : Transformer insulated and temerature controlled soldering iron only , set temp to around 275 deg. Celsius

If a SLB board has been "hotplugged" : expect all data latches blown ( IC501 -IC505 ) + others .     Note! IC's CD22100 and CD22101 are obsolete and could be hard to find  .

If the SCB board as been "hotplugged" : expect all data laches blown   ( IC602-IC605 )  + others .  Note! IC's CD22100 are obsolete and could be hard to find  .

IF the CPB / CPB2 board has been "hotplugged"  expect lots of problems. Note that some IC's are not awailable and others are obsolete and could be hard to find . Also expect software problems.   An expert is needed to repair this board .

Obsolete components are expected to be expensive , if found at all .  Ask us if you have a problem .


Common problems :   

Some or all stations are not properly working or not working at all .

This failure is normally caused by to low c-d voltage to the stations. This is caused by component failures on the PRB board . In turn the problems are caused by a layout failure on the PRB board 6671 , components used , how parts are placed and fixed , soldering quality , PCB protection , others.  Without a  complete PRB update , a repair of this board willl not be permanent.

On the a-b-c-d terminals inside the exchange read the a-b and c-d voltage . A-b voltage = 17.2 - 15 VDC , c-d typical voltage = 22VDC ( station in  "open" mode ) or 20.5VDC ( station in "private" mode ) . On a VMP system most stations are set in "Private" mode.

If the c-d voltage on one terminal differs more than 0.1 V compared to others, perhaps the station is no good .

If the c-d voltage is more than 1 V below typical voltage, the Power Regulator Board ( PRB 6671 )  has to be repaired .

How to fix it.  The best solution is to send us  the PRB board  to be repaired and updated .


General programming preparation , what must be known before programming .

Sorting out what's inside the exchange : Version of running software on the proccessor board., standard boards , extra function boards,  internal wireing schematic to local terminal numbers .

What's connected to the exchange : stations , stations catalog number , microphone stands, remote equipment and other hardware connected ,  ref. to terminal numbers inside  the exchange .


The earlier CPB 6610 board has not the programming options found on the PCB2 661010 board  , ask us , perhaps we can help you .

Programming the CPB2  661010 board :

No backup battery needed to keep the programming! All programming is stored on an EEPROM circuit.

Local programming is best solved by a trained programmer using a pc with programming , backup and logging software.  

If UART "TMS9902" on the CPB2 board is missing , just add it before connecting the pc adapter .

Programming from a station : Yes it's possible, but you have little  / none control of what's totally programmed .

We'll do the programming , sending files by email : All programming on the CPB2 board is found on the eeprom "28C16".  Read the eeprom , using an (e)eprom programmer  and save the reading as a binary file. Send this file to us + a desription of wanted programming . We'll do the programming and return it . Use your (e)eprom programmer  and the new eeprom file to program "a new 28C16" . Also keep the original eeprom and programming or keep it as a file .  

Or send us the CPB2 board  to make new programming .


This small exchange has high audio quality.

Full band analog audio with no sampling , timeslots or signal converting  make the audio sound natural .

Only two audiochannels , but compared to a sampled multichannel system this one has significant better audio quality . 

On the 6639  WPB / 6642 RCB : Insert diodes in parallel with relay solenoides. The exchange may trouble if these diodes are missing .

Jo Tech Service specialities :  some new / improved functions are available .

Examle:  Door station

Example: Pa-router ( Compact / VMP32 )


Standard Ships equipment, on bridge center console.

Emergency microphone VMP 501 / VMP 601

Connected to command input - 100V line amplifiers / command relay alarm bells

Will override alarms, intercom and alarm bells

Alarm Generator user panel.

How to install Extra Emergency microphones on a wessel bridge


( More info to come )

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