Self service / fault finding on AlphaCom and ACM ( AlphaCom inside ):
Fans must work , check air inlets / air outlets.
PWR supply: All 4 Led's must be ON

Power OFF when plugging / unplugging any board inside the exchange. If done with power ON: the actual board is blown!

Check exchange:
Indicator on AMC : Green light = OK prossessor board.
Indicator on ASLT : Steady Green light = OK line board and stations / lines
Indicator on ASLT : Blinking Green light = probably OK line board , but expect a problem with one or more stations / lines.

Check lines + stations status: Use a station with display to make this control . Read address and user number.

Programming and advanced fault finding / repairs : Ask us, we have the knowhow ( domestic / international service )

AMC-board advanced service hints.

Note! Power off when plugging. When plugging / unplugging any board in the exchange , make sure the power is off .


Prepare the exchange for service :  Connect a station to the "Super User" connector .

Super User =  Physical position 1 , standard programmed as  directory number 101 .  

This position has extra useful features during start up and service of the system .    


Step one : Backup the programming to NVRAM . ( eeprom ) . "Super User " programming : Dial  7820 + M

The backup is now stored on the eeprom ( 28F010 )



Step two : Note! Power off when plugging . Remove the AMC-board .

Remove the eeprom ( 28F010 ) with your backup .


Step tree : Send us the eeprom backup and a list of wanted changes. We'll return the eeprom with modified programming .

Step four :  Note! Power off when plugging . Place the  reprogrammed eeprom on the AMC-board  

Step five : "Super User " programming : Restore the programming from NVRAM ( eeprom ) : 7819 + M

Contact us if you need help

Have a nice day.