USB DMX Pro interface / controllers

NOTE !! Power OFF when plugging .    Important!  When using one of  these interfaces always disconnect USB when plugging / unplugging DMX lines.

Only when the DMX signal indicator on your DMX dimmers flicker, the stage lights are on.

Download the open source

"StageConsole" by Glenn Meader  is a simple to learn DMX program, written for Enttec usb DMX PC interfaces.

Open Sourse VB6 Program download address:   http://www.chromakinetics.com/DMX/StageConsole.html
Follow the instructions to install these files and the VB6 runtime files ,
also download the User Manual (Windows .chm help file). 

You must have VB6 on your computer to open the program and make "StageConsole.exe"



Download the more universal   stageconsole1.exe    to your StageConsole directory ( example:  c:/program files/ stageconsole/ ) .

To run  the stageconsole1.exe,

also download and install fom   internet,  the VB6 runtime files., avalable for win 7 and 10

The file  "StageConsole1,exe" is like the original "StageConsole.exe 
+ the function of DMX output Refresh 
+ set all outputs to zero at Exit"

"Enttec DMX USB PRO " , Enttec compatible interfaces and also simpler  DMX USB PRO interfaces will run with  the StageConsole1.exe.

Device settings = Enttec DMX USB PRO . Manually set the Usb port number. 

win :  XP  /  7   tested OK


Joar Falstad
Jo Tech Service

4 channels DMX output device .

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