System integration , a strong side of Stentofon and Vingtor Marine intercom systems.

The Stentofon MPC, Compact, AlphaCom / Vingtor Marine VMP, ACM systems are rich in  functions , they have great audio resources both in quality and quantity,  and they also have a proffessional range in industrial / marine and offshore intercom stations and remote equipments .  So why not use them in an  integrated audio communication network , using  one of several advanced and versatile two way selective interfaces from Stentofon / Vingtor  Marine .

An example in advanced system integration   :

Syncronized alarm with operator controlled 2-way audio and several fixed sequence remote controlled functions have been used for more than 20 years at  the Trondheim Fire Departement in NORWAY , to make syncronized alarm calls from the fire alarm control office to 1 , 2 or 3 local fire stations

No known better and more easy to use solution is found for this special purpose , even to day.

The user interface at the fire alarm control office is a special composed alarm station . ( 2-way audio , separate station invoke buttons , a common alarm start button , a push to talk button , to speak at the same time to all stations invoked , and when released to hear  at the same time from all stations invoked . The panel also have all neccesary functions superviced . )

In the future a PC program written in "Visual Basic" for Multimedia Windows , could be a modern user interface with similar functions , and more


Connecting  fixed Telephone line  / PABX / GSM or SatCom , with analog access , to Vingtor Marine / Stentofon exchanges :

The PNCI  is an advanced 2-way selective DTMF analog telephone interface made for Vingtor Marine VMP / ACM and Stentofon MPC / Compact 16/32 / AlphaCom exchanges.

The PNCI unit is connected to a PABX ,  GSM  , SatCom , all with analog access, or a fixed analog telephone line, just like a normal analog DTMF telephone.  

Multiple PNCI units with the same "outside line" prefix is allowed . Max eight PNCI units inside one prefix . If first unit is occupied, the exchange automaticly will go to the next .

Selective Dialling OUT, with restrictions  in 5 levels .

During conversion the separate remote output for this subscriber in the Stentofon / Vingtor exchange can be toggled on/off  from the outside telephone .

Selective Incoming call : ( call directly to any intercom station ) It's common to record a message in the PNCI  to direct incoming telephone callers . "You have now come to "nnnn". If you know  the wanted internal number just dial it .  If not , you can dial "xx", to get the switchboard ".

Common or group call from a telephone, with answer from a Vingtor VMP station   is a typical intercom function, using selective incoming call function .

Nonselective Incoming call : ( direct all incoming calls to one  station . Easy transfer to preferred station ).

Lots of functions to meet advanced specifications :  Programming  in eeprom / RAM using a VT100 terminal / emulator .

About PNCI installation :

Cables , PNCI software and related documentation in accordance to exchange type / equipment used and country .

The exchange must have a full backup , correct software & programming , sometimes also a hardware preparation before any PNCI installation.

Known  problems  in some configurations , but with solutions ready :  Low PNCI S/N , nonlogic exchange function .

Note!  To properly install or repair the PNCI unit , a trained expert with extended knowledge in Stentofon / VMP exchanges , is needed .


Note!  Power OFF when plugging !


VHF radiotelephone connection to Vingtor Marine VMP 52-120 / Stentofon MPC exchanges :

The FFT board is an advanced programmable two way selective MPC / VMP  to VHF radiotelephone interface .

The combination PSA-Lyster-MRI also have the two way selective function , but with more complex hardware and programming .

 Repair note FFT / PSA-Lyster-MRI : Obsolete, but still repairable .  Some onboard components are not available any more .

Note!  To properly install  or repair the FFT board , a trained expert with extended knowledge in VHF and Stentofon / Vingtor Marine VMP exchanges , is needed .


Note!  Power OFF when plugging !

Fixed Telephone line connecting Stentofon exchanges :

FXL - LEX  / LUX is an advanced two way selective interface making the use of a fixed telephone line to connect stentofon exchanges possible.

Repair note :  Obsolete, but still repairable.

Be Careful !! Some onboard components are not available any more.

Note!  To properly install  or repair the FLX/LEX unit , a trained expert with extended knowledge in Stentofon / Vingtor Marine VMP exchanges , is needed .


UHF wireless paging

Telecourier 900 series is composed of modules .  This versatile UHF system is often found adapted to Stentofon  MPC /  AlphaCom  and Vingtor Marine VMP 52 and up  / ACM systems . The T942SI module is a serial interface connected to a serial I/O port at the exchange .  

Read more:  Ascom.


The most important notice!

Like replacing boards in a computer ,  to avoid  serious damage on the exchange electronic boards allways turn off  the power before replacing any board in the exchange !!.


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