Latest USB interface

and the one of the first ISA interface boards we used in mid 90's  . Win95 and program writing in VisualBasic ver. 3. 

AD/DA Conversion and Data Acquisition made easy. Users : laboratories & more.   

The USB version is now in the making, in Visual Basic.

Time & masterfilecontrolled AD/DA conversion and Data Acquisition .

Easy analog control of anything that can be measured by a probe.



Our first : 16 bit program version , 12-14 bit AD/DA , Hardware : ISA board from Decision Computer International Co., Ltd.

Free download of an evaluation version of the original 16 bit program with all program functions enabled , but this version has a couple of messages at program start ! , best control, works with most Windows versions ( the ultimatezip file have dir info, extract to c:\ )

or a selfextracting arcive, analog3.exe ( made and tested ok in XP Home Edition )

Find and download ultimatezip:

Note! This is an US version. Before starting this program make sure Windows global setting is correct.

Global settings: Language / country = English(USA) , Timeformat : 24h without AM/PM or 12h with AM/PM

Start the program : c:\analog1\analog03.exe .

It's possible to start this program without any analog board installed .


Notes about our 16 bit program version , hardware and 8Mz ISA bus :

ISA Boards, Analog / Digital I/O : Replace component LS245 with HC245 .

Win OS , 16 bit or better : Win95 worked ok


Our p&p system for advanced & laboratory use : 32 bit program version , 33Mz - 32 bit PCI bus , Plug & Play , Hardware: NuDAQ PCI-9118HR -16 bit ad / 12 bit da .

This modern 32 bit program version still have an user interface similar to the old 16 bit free ISA-version .

Win OS , 32bit or better: Win98 worked ok .


A short description of the program .

Analog(x) is a 16 channel AD_Logger & 1 indirectly controlled DA_Output .

Function Basic. The PC-clock syncronized reference input unit value from the masterfile & the measured input unit value ( voltage input on the AD(0) is calculated to show the unitvalue ) , are indirectly controlling the output voltage DA(0) , ( As a termostate , flowcontrol or similar equipment ) .

More detailed : Timers are set and controlled by the PC-Clock. ( Accuracy = 1 sec. ) . The Masterfile is containing the reference_Unit values and is the main element in this controlsystem . The Masterfile is composed by the program with little user effort . It writes directly to disc as a textfile . . The Masterfile gives dynamic output control of one DA_channel . Output Voltage is determined by the DA_Output static settings, the input_unitvalue of AD_Channel 0 and the Masterfile_reading .

Logged input_value at AD_Input(0) ideally should give readings equal to Masterfile_reading, the program has different tools to make that possible .

Dynamic DA_Output control : Sample Rate: ( Timercontrolled ) 11 sec or less.( Typical every second ) . Read AD_Input (0) Unitvalue, converted from DC-value . Compare with Masterfile ( Unitvalue ) or Direct input by user . Read DA_Output settings . Calculate and set DA_Output voltage, this voltage is controlling the Output_Device. ( Triac/Thyristor with optoinsulated linear or PWM_input. ) .

Step_Time: ( System Clock controlled ) seconds to days . Read and hold next Masterfile reading . Log Time: ( System Clock controlled ) Step_Time * multiplicator . Logfile is written to disc as a textfile. " ADCX.LOG " , this file is easy to read in a spreadsheet . Date & Time, Masterfile reading and used AD_Input values are logged . Online help: Allways enabled. Easy and fast in use . Usergroups : Laboratories, Industry, etc . Unitconvert : 16 separate converters to make the system easy to use . All important readings on one screen .

Unitcontrol : In any form that can be measured by a probe. ( Pressure control, temperature control, flow control, flux control & more. )

While running : You can increase the masterfile and have a graphic update of the masterfile . Manually adjust the gain . Manually adjust the DA-offset . Use the dynamic viewer . You can copy the "ADCX.LOG " logfile to another location on your harddisk , and run this copied file in a spreadsheet to make a presentation , while the AD/DA conversion program is still running . OnScreen you can compare the last 1000 Masterfile values from the present reading , with the corresponding measured readings from the AD(0) channel , and vice versa .

Future : The idea behind this well running 1-channel program will be the base of our future multichannel programversions .

About hardware capacity : 24 separate " Time & Masterfile Conversion " possibilities at the same time , and 192 AD-input channels available . The hardware of todays "industrial AD/DA PCI-cards " has the functions needed , we "just" have to compose & write the software to make everything work , and most important , make it easy to handle . ( We have some ideas ) .

The AD/DA Conversion / Data Acquisition controlpanel of 16 AD-input channels ,1 DA-output Channel , masterfile composer and more .


Magnified unitvalue & D/A Value reading . Aktivated by a mouseclick on the reading to be magnified . Deaktivate with a mouseclick on the magnifier .


Easy "voltage to unitvalue " convert .

Unitvalue = (( Max input voltage - AD-offset )* Scale multiply ) + unit offset

In this view the Unitvalue of AD ( 0 ) = (( 10 - 2 ) * 81.25 ) + 0


Graphic Viewer .

A simple Pulse With Modulator circuit . Suitable to control a GateTurnOff-Thyristor based output device. ( GTO-Thy. )

General output device

Idea & programming :

Joar Falstad 

Domain:  ( registered on 20-03-2001 )

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We will ask you to respect the copyright or intellectual property rights of others .



We will ask you to respect the copyright or intellectual property rights of others .


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