Composing special hardware .

Small scale hardware dev./invents .

RomCorder + intercom interface : ( Stento(fon ) AlphaCom , MPC & Compact / ( Vingtor Marine  ) ACM ,VMP  ).

Set the mode-control in position ( rec ) to make a message . Push and hold the startbutton while making your message .

Set the mode-control in position ( playback ) and push the startbutton to hear the message.

The romcorder will hold the message you made , despite a longtime voltage loss  ( up to 10 years )  , also making it useable in a security message system .

Schematic design using a romcorder make it easy to implement multiple messages with separate output adresses .

This schematic is from an early testversion .

This small interface operates in 3 steps. ( a microcontroller to make the message addressing of the romcorder is not included in this testversion )

1. The start button makes a signal to the pa controller to activate the  preprogrammed addressing and connection of the pa system .

2. The  startsignal from the pa system activates the romcorder to play the addressed message .

3. At the end of file signal ( EOF ) from the romcorder the interface makes a signal to the pa controller to cancel the call .


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