Live / Real time  audio hiss and  background noise removal.

A chipcorder or romcorder is an  audio recorder /  player   based on a chip, with also includes a non volatile audio memory .
Even to day this audio memory data security specifications are impressive, with no data loss in typical one hundred  years.

When connected to a PA system,  the "hiss" noise from the chipcorder while playing a message, should be supressed,  and at the same time the original signal has to be kept in good shape.
live / real time  , analogue strong pass audio filter  will do just that.

Idea and solution by Joar Falstad,  Jo Tech Service, lykkmarka 53, 7081 Sjetnemarka, NORWAY.
As a sub contractor we have now delivered an ISD-4004 based 
chip corder,   with our real time audio noise reduction hardware, to play different recorded messages, on a new bridge in Norway. 
We used it on a  PA system with horn speakers, and the result was good.

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