Perhaps future product.
Analogue live audio noise reduction hardware, using a
Strong pass audio filter, with adjustable setting of minimum pass level.
Idea & solution by Joar Falstad.

Filter function:  The weakest parts of the total signal, smaller than the preset minimum pass level,  are redused by a factor. 
Up to 100x or -20db reduction is used in our filter .
The result is natural sound  and the background noise is reduced to a minimum.

This system will shave  any audio signal below the preset minimum level  all the time , also inside a message .

Fast analogue filter action.
No audio signal delay.

Compared to the original  signal , tone balance  and pitch are not changed in any way,
only the disturbing background noise has almost vanished.

Prototype hardware. 

Internal & demo use only.

A one ch. version 

Prototype video's :

ON/OFF function switch
and  adjustments to show the function  " set minimum pass level "  .

  Video  1 , Early version with experimental circuitry

  Video 2      whispering  . noise removal

  Video 3      normal voice .   noise  reduction

  Video 4      realistic audio background noise reduction 

Measured  audio reduction outside pass level : up to  100x or  - 20db .
Adjustable  reduction to come.

Suitable in / future suggestions :
chipcorders ,  hiss and background noise  reduction / removal / cleaner /  limiter .
Hearing aid systems , background / ambient noise reduction .
PA  message systems,
strong background  noise reduction .

If the noise is bad the audio transformation  is not  perfect, 
but what is important , your ears will hear it as an improvement .

More video's to come , to show  how to set the minimum pass level controller
Different audio noise levels.

Live audio background noise reduction & hiss cleaner.
Live   audio noise reduction , removal , cleaner , filter

One channel prototype item.
 Line in - out  balanced 600mV, 600 ohm impedance.
Aux in 600mV unbalanced,  high impedance.

Easy  adjustment :  
A LED.indicator for visual control of the strong pass filter.
And for best noise cleaning  result, an  adjustable controller to set minimum pass level .

( registered on 20-03-2001 )

Contact :      Joar Falstad

phone:          +47  99718408



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