Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers : PLC device / add on

pls / plc controlled analog multiplexer / demultiplexer , schematic .

6 x digital channel and 1 x analog channel used by the PLC to make this multiplexer work.

In this example the analog inputs are 4 - 20mA none floating loops. The 1 x analog output to the PLC is 2-10VDC.

74HC/HCT4067 is the 16ch analog multiplexer/demultiplexer circuit used in this example.


PNG-files suitable for download:

Analog Multiplexer 2 x 16 ch.

Analog Multiplexer 16 x 16 ch

32 channel analog multiplexer

64 channel analog multiplexer made easy . A simple 2bit expander make four 16 channel analog multiplexers work like one 64 channel.

128 channel analog multiplexer made easy

4 - 20 mA current loop .

Interresting examples: AD693 and AD694 from Analog Devices.


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Strong pass audio filter.

Hiss and bacground noise reduction, made easy..


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