Oldie, but great fun.

Service & repairs Vingtor & Stentofon.

We don't have any VAxxx boards for sale, but we can repair most of them.

Relay control board VA-117C , Zenitel / Stento / Vingtor Marine VMP-systems .

Note! All exchange voltages are fully insulated from input AC / DC Voltages and electrical GND. Therefore any mix of external power source and logical signals / relay solenoid control is not properly working .

PC audio via  Audio buffer to VA-MC ,  if audio level is to low.

VA-MC / Stentofon MC-6151   Remote controlled sub-station. Shown here wired to be used in a Vingtor VMP exchange.


VA-365 .  VMP - PA interface with basic connection using the versatile Stentofon SAR adapter.

NOTE!  DIP switches on the SLB boards normally should be in "OFF" position  to avoid "All call / Group call " programming conflicts.     Only when using the older non programable "CPB" board these switches should be used.


VA-462   Alarm board  +  MC 6151 makes an alarmunit to be used in VMP exchanges from Zenitel / Stento / Vingtor  Marine


The most important notice!

( These boards must not be "hotplugged" ! )

Like replacing boards in a computer ,  to avoid  serious damage on the exchange electronic boards allways turn off  the power before replacing any board in the exchange !!    

Most VA boards are obsolete, but still repairable. 

Short description  

VA-111-2 , Fuse board.  +24VDC  and  +5VDC      Check soldering.

VA-114C , Parallel connection board

VA-115 , Power amplifier board , 2 x 15W w/ separate100V line outputs

VA-117C , Remote relay control board.

VA-275 , 2-tone telephone/Satcom interface , obsolete. No repair

DPDT ,  dual tone telephone interface Compact32 / VMP32 , obsolete. No repair

PNCI 2-way DTMF telephone interface , VMP / ACM , Compact / MPC / AlphaCom .

VA-316 , 50W power amplifier w/ 100V line output . Obsolete, but Repairable.

VA-322 , 100W power amplifier w/ 100V line output. Obsolete, but Repairable.

VA-365 ,  Speach Adapter Relay. Versatile PA - VMP  interface

VA-MC , Remote Controlled Sub Station

VA-462 ,  Remote controlled alarm generator

NOTE!:  e-wires on the Vingtor Marine VMP system uses negative logic, ( Off =  +5VDC , ON = 0VDC )


Stentofon AlphaCom  and  Vingtor Marine ACM ( Stentofon inside ) , on the station lines , have mixed audio and display data signals . If a PA  system is connected  , filters have to be used to separate these signals .

FBSAR ( Filter Board Speach Adapter Relay ) is a typical extra function board to adapt a PA system to the AlphaCom / ACM exchange.

SUBCB , subscriber connection board w / RCO connector


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