The AlphaCom/ACM exchanges came approx 1992 to replace the MPC/VMP exchanges , and they are still sold to day.

Self service / fault finding on AlphaCom and ACM ( AlphaCom inside ):

Fans must work , check air inlets / air outlets.
PWR supply: All 4 Led's must be ON

Power OFF when plugging / unplugging any board inside the exchange. If done with power ON: the actual board is blown!

Check exchange:
Indicator on AMC : Green light = OK prossessor board
Indicator on ASLT : Steady Green light = OK line board and stations / lines

Indicator on ASLT : Blinking Green light = probably OK line board , but expect a problem with one or more stations / lines.

If one ore more of these indicators don't turn green expect hardware or software failure inside the exchange.

Check lines + statons status: Use a station with display to make this control . Read address and user number on the display.

Programming and advanced fault finding / repairs : Ask us, we have the knowhow ( domestic / international service )

Note!  After december year 2002  the factory production of  service boards for the "Stentofon Touchline" series  exchanges like "Stentofon Pamex / MPC " and "Vingtor Marine VMP" was history , but there are many of them still working perfectly and it's also possible to have these versatile and high quality exchanges repaired .

Mantaining MPC and VMP52/112 exchanges is possible also to day.  Most types of 61xx / 63xx boards are still available.

Read this page to learn how to make your Stentofon Pamex / MPC  and  Vingtor  Marine VMP ( stentofon inside ) intercom system last  several times longer.

Service & Repairing Stentofon / Vingtor Marine intercom / related interfaces and Pa systems is a big part of our work , also by travelling to domestic and international destinations ( language : english / scandivavian ) .   We have the knowhow , try us . 

Extended system knowledge is neccesary to make a good programming job , also to best program  "outdated"  VMP / MPC systems . 


In some environments, people using hearing aids are often disturbed by annoying electrical & magnetic noice .

The mobile phones most often use a current loop to send the  speaker sound to the hearing device. On many costal ships and some other environments the electromagnetical noice is so annoying that this use of a mobile phone is impossible! 

The best way to prevent electrical & magnetic noice is to kill it, at the spot where it is generated.    Also use an electromagnetic hearing device to sort out the noice sources.

A well known electromagnetical noice source !   Equipment  using a frequency inverter may need an extra  Mains noice filter of good quality in front of the inverter.   Note! The size of  a proffessional   filter could be similar to the  the size of the frequency inverter itself.  Sometimes an output noice filter from the frequency inverter also has to be used.  


Have regular heath control of the exchange:

Make shure all fans are operating, inlet air filters are cleaned / replaced, air outlets are open.


NOTE! 10 years service interval of user program  & backup circuitry.  6Volt 12Ah led accu has to be replaced every 5 years.

Make full backup before you do anything with these boards.

If forgotten you'll have a bad or non working VMP exchange when a backup battery finally is empty and the RAM content is corrupted.

 PMC, PMD, PMF, PMFR , AMC & other prossessorboards like DCB, DPB, VMC , all have one or more onboard batteries for data security.
PMC, PMD have no EEPROM program storage and need extra precaution.                        
Shipping with DHL directly to the ship's agent 1 week before ETA.             
The board must be installed in the exchange to be recharged  inside 2 weeks after shipping date, 
After 4 weeks the NiCad backup battery is totally discharged and the user programming lost.     


When you send all boards and perhaps the powersupply for test and repair:

You will be charged the hours used for testing, we'll send a report.

You'll be charged for repars. We normally use fixed prices.

When you send prossessorboards or other boards for test / programming and battery replacement we also need a copy of your programming journal or other backup . 

Standard Ships equipment, on bridge center console.

Emergency microphone VMP 501 / VMP 601

Connected to command input - 100V line amplifiers / command relay alarm bells

Will override alarms, intercom and alarm bells

Alarm Generator user panel.

Extra emergency microphones

The most important notice!

Like replacing boards in a computer ,  to avoid  serious damage on the exchange electronic boards allways turn off  the power before replacing any board in the exchange !!


Program security

Program loss due to an old backup battery is a common failure .   Read more about it on this page.


Stentofon Micom / Vingtor VMM ( Micom inside )


Cat-5 network, used on ships.     

Internet via HUB + Intercom.   

Use paching panels at the Exchange / Hub end and 2x Rj-45 at the cabins end.


Intercom:  Pair 1 blue, pin 4-5   and   pair 4 brown, pin 7-8

Data / Internet : Pair 2 orange pin 1-2 / 3-6   and   pair 3 green pin 3-6 / 1-2  


Stentofon MPC52 - 720 / Vingtor Marine VMP52 - 120 ,

a widely used intercom system.


Stentofon Compact 16/32  -  Vingtor Marine VMP16 / VMP32

a modern intercom system / PA router with outstanding audio quality .

Common failure :   Some  / all stations are not reliable or not working .


Vingtor Marine VSP

Batteryless telephone system

with separate address control ( 12 adresses ).

VSP 211 : master station , normally placed on the bridge. You must have one master station.

VSP 213 : sub station  .  11 adresses available for sub stations

Simple  to install :  All wireing in parallel.   No ext. power needed.

Common failure:   Switch on the handset.


Vingtor Marine VA boards ,  

VMP Extra function boards and related info:    


Important schematics:

PC programming : connection PC - Intercom exchange


Stentofon intercom systems after 1990 and still sold today .

Stentofon AlphaCom  ,  Vingtor Marine ACM ( Stentofon AlphaCom inside )  

The ACM / AlphaCom is a smart choice when your Vingtor VMP / Stentofon MPC exchange has to be replaced .


System integration .       A strong side of the Stentofon / Vingtor Marine intercom system..  PNCI, FFT, FLX .  Advanced two way selective adapters .




PA systems


To avoid corrotion ,  do not store reactive liquids like electronic cleaner in the same room as the exchange .


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