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Jo Tech Service

Hardware composed  by Joar Falstad ,

Invented in 2015 .
Live audio noise cleaner.
Real time audio background  noise and hiss cleaner ,  also working inside a message .  
Live  audio hiss and noise reduction ..
Hear a demo. 

Industrial Analog Multiplexer
Detailled schematic examples
0 - 10V  /  4 - 20mA


Programs written by Joar Falstad,

Advanced Public Address System
PC controlled. 
Detailled schematic examples.
ISA demo version download
First ver : ISA  Win95.  
Latest ver :  usb Win7

AD/DA Conversion and Data Acquisition made easy.
Time and Masterfile controlled
First ver : ISA , Win95 .  Early demo version download
Next ver : PCI , Win98 . Plug & Play.
We are now working on a USB ver in Win7



Special / ideas / programming / news

Work  ,  Service

Vingtor, Zenitel, Stentofon
Replacements. Repairs

Compact 32-2  /  VMP32-2
Electronic boards repair. Programming. Stations.

AlphaCom,  ACM
Later systems.   Also sold today

Monacor Catalog  
We are a Monacor supplier in Norway.


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contact:       Joar Falstad

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A big  company has now taken the  same domain name  . " jotech "

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Norway, Ekne
Nostalgy from the 70's.  With Vital 15 feet